Down the foggy ruins of time

Down The Foggy Ruins of TimeThis image holds so much of the magic that photography consists of. I consistently look back upon this shot to dissect what in my mind makes a wonderful image. I think it began with the normalcy of the situation. This was not an out of the ordinary site to wake up to, and was therefore natural and relaxing for me to capture. The unplanned shots tend to be the most honest. Then the ice trail makes such a wonderful line to the island, which upon looking closely you can see the boat and person whom created this break in the ice. The little details add up to the big picture. The magical part of the image is the fog. The sense of mystery and intrigue that it brings to the scene glues everything together. To me it looks like something in a dream, yet it is a part of ordinary life.  This is a cold and typical November morning on the lake in Wisconsin. It shows the slowness of life and the serenity of all activities. I was watching the rowboat make its way to the tiny island as I ate breakfast on the dock with my camera on a tripod capturing segments of time.