The Feed Store and Ansel Adams

I have been reading through the Ansel Adams three book photo series the past month. To begin with these books are wonderful and any person interested in further developing the photography skills should give them a read. Secondly reading photography books always has the same result; it makes you want to go out and shoot. I was currently in the middle of the second book, The Negative, when I decided to go chase a sunset one evening. I took a few okay photographs of the sunset, but it just wasn’t a colorful night. I then began the walk back to my car and saw the moon behind the local food store and couldn’t resist stopping to give it a try. After moving in closer to the feed store I noticed the beautiful wood grain on the ceiling of the building and loved the colors it produced in this image. It felt wonderful to get out and put some of the reading to use in new surroundings.

Moonlight Feed Store